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Free Music Beds is a site dedicated to supplying Audio Visual Professionals with music beds, sound tracks, instrumentals, background music and theme music, while giving musicians an outlet and a chance to be heard. The service is free the only thing we require is that the artist is given credit for their music in any production in which it is used. Whether it is in the credits or in the text of a video site it must be properly attributed.

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    Track   Artist   Length   Description
Free Music Beds   Up and Down   Ever Desireless   2 Min. 8 Sec.   Alternative Emotive Bass Guitar Power Chords
Music Beds   Dis Triplets   Ever Desireless   2 Min.   Dissonant Chord Alternative Rock
Free Music   4th and 6th   Ever Desireless   2 Min. 52 Sec.   Alternative Rock Western Tinge Power Chord Chorus
Background Music Beds  

Assembly Line Romance

  Ever Desireless   2 Min. 20 Sec.   Synthesizer pounding base with wispy string harmonies.
Music Beds  

Lucid Countrysidee

  Ever Desireless   43 Sec.   Picked Guitar Loop
Background Music  

Quartet Duete

  Ever Desireless   3 Min. 40 Sec.   String Quartet (Synth)
Background Music  

Prey Dancee

  Ever Desireless   3 Min. 23Sec.   All Synth Dance Thing

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